Water Damage

water damage Greensboro NC

Water damage

Water Damage is one of the leading reasons for foundation problems in homes. That’s why it’s important to fix water damage problems as soon as you notice them. 

Here are some reasons for water damage in your home: 

  • Water damage from a water leak
  • Burst water pipes or water heater
  • Flooding in your basement, crawl space, or garage. 

If any one of the above happened to a wall in your home, you would need some help with fixing it due to mold. Mold can start growing on the walls when there is water damage present, and you do not fix it fast enough.

Once mold starts growing, it’ll be harder for you to get rid of it. Water damage in homes is treatable, but if left untreated, then it’ll lead to bigger issues like foundation problems that can bring down the entire structure of your home. 

Some people are unaware of the water leaks that can cause damage to the walls. If water is allowed to settle at one point in an area, it can cause excessive damage.

If you see water dripping from your water pipes, toilet, or shower, then it’s time for repair work. If the leak was from something like a pipe, then you may only require some wrenching or re-piping. 

However, if water is coming out of your showerhead, this could be due to grout deterioration or cracked tiles. In such cases, you need to get in touch with us for our water damage restoration Greensboro NC services. 

When it comes to Greensboro NC water damage and restoration we are there to do the job at hand!