Odor removal service

Odor Removal Service

Removing water from a premise is not our only concern. We also offer odor removal services since damp surfaces tend to have a musty odor that can be traced back to water in your home. 

After cleaning up water from inside your home, we provide deodorization services, so the smell doesn’t linger in the air. 

Dehumidifiers are sometimes used for water extraction processes since they pull water out of the air and can be left on 24/7 if needed. They also help in removing nasty odors from the air, making your home feel fresh. 

We only use biocides that are safe around children and pets when treating water-damaged areas for bacterial growth. Our microbial tools include antimicrobial foggers that kill bacteria on contact without harming humans or pets. If you have water damage, we recommend letting our professionals handle it. 

Since we offer economical prices, we’re a much better option as compared to some other water damage Greensboro NC services that charge sky-high rates. You can always schedule a consultation to discuss the extent of water damage in your home in detail and get a quote for our services. 

Get in touch with us today to get more information about our water damage restoration Greensboro NC services and solutions.